Kompass – towards self-determination in education

The transition from school into work is challenging for people with intellectual disabilities and there are few digital services that support this process. The transition involves several organizations and professionals that need to collaborate and coordinate their documentation and their initiatives.

Based on insight from workshops and user testing we have designed a prototype of a self-reflective career tool. The tool is designed to support young adults with ID towards self-determination and transitions into work. The users are supported through features such as mapping of interests, skills and abilities, goal setting and progress overview. The tool is intended to transfer the ownership of the information to the young adults and enables the users to identify, articulate and present their abilities in a visual and customizable manner. User tests have shown the importance of enabling an understanding of concepts such as skills, preferences and goals in regard to working life.

Transport – towards independent use of public transport

Transportation is an important yet challenging aspect in terms of mobility for persons with intellectual disabilities. Through the InnArbeid project we have involved people with ID in the design of a prototype to support independent use of public transport. We have conducted participant observations, photovoice interviews and arranged a staged, yet naturalistic user scenario on a bus.

The current findings show that people with ID is a heterogenous group of users and as such emphasizes the need for customizable solutions that support cognitive functions such as conceptual understanding of time and location, language and communication abilities, and alerts and notifications.

As a second step we are explore if and how the use of video scenarios could assist in learning how to manage unforeseen events during transport.

JodaBook – telling your own stories

Jodacare and Jodabook is designed to ease daily transitions in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Jodabook is an app designed specifically to be used by people with intellectual disabilities in mind. The existing version of the app includes a profile page, photos of daily activities and a calendar. The app can be downloaded in Appstore or Google Playstore, or accessed on the web

In the InnArbeid project we are designing new functions to support storytelling of daily activities and important elements of ones’ life. Through the involvement of adolescents with intellectual disabilities and their support network we have explored user needs and possible improvements of the app.

We are currently collaborating with Jodacare to design functions that will support gathering of memories, sorting of memories and storytelling through the use of photos.

Website – inspiration of employers

In order for more people to have the opportunity to get a job, it is important to inspire employers to employ people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Based on insight from workshops, we are working with design of an inspiring information space with the intention of recruiting more employers who can offer both internships and jobs. Here you will find practical information from NAV, what it is like to hire a young person with intellectual disability, why they should do it and what might be good to think about. They will also find information about experiences from others who have employed people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.