Work inclusion for persons with intellectual disabilities

Velkommen til konferanse ved Universitetet i Agder om «Arbeidsinkludering for personer med utviklingshemming» den 22. – 23. mai 2019.

Konferansen fokuserer spesielt på mulighetene innovasjon og teknologi kan bidra med når det gjelder arbeidsinkludering for personer med utviklingshemming og austismespekter-forstyrrelser. Hensikten er å skape en møteplass for miljøer som arbeider med arbeidsinkludering for grupper som ofte faller utenfor arbeidslivet.

Konferansen arrangeres av innovasjons- og forskningsprosjektet InnArbeid som finansieres av Forskningsrådet.

Første konferansedag har et nasjonalt, norskspråklig fokus, den andre dagen inneholder bidrag fra internasjonale forskere og presentasjoner av fagfellevurderte forskningsartikler.


Welcome to the conference on “Work inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities” at University of Agder, 22. – 23. May 2019.

The conference focuses on how innovation and technology can contribute to work inclusion for persons with intellectual disabilities and Autism spectrum disorders. The purpose is to create a meeting place for mutual learning, for professionals dealing with work inclusion for groups that tend to fall outside working life.

The conference is organized by the Innovation and Research project InnArbeid, which is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

The conference has a national (Norwegian) focus the first day. The second day will include contributions from international scientists and presentations of peer-reviewed research articles.

Call for papers: 15. november 2018
Deadline abstracts and papers: 15. februar 2019
Feedback: 15. mars 2019
Deadline for reviced manuscript: 1. mai 2019

Contact:  Elin Thygesen / / +47 381 41 852

We welcome full papers (3000-5000 words, not including abstract and references) and long abstracts (350-500 words).

The overall topic for this conference is work inclusion for young persons with intellectual disabilities (ID). This is a complex area covering many domains and actors from different research traditions, posing particular challenges for research with user involvement, co-creation and inclusive design.

We welcome submissions within these areas:

  • Quality of life for persons with intellectual disabilities
  • Ethics and research methods
  • Interorganizational cooperation
  • Economics related to workplace inclusion
  • Information sharing
  • Service design and service innovation
  • Technology development and interface design
  • Supported employment
  • Transition from school to work

However, we are also open for papers within other areas related to work inclusion for intellectually disabled. We welcome both empirical papers, position papers and case studies.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 15th February 2019

The InnArbeid conference submissions will be subject to blind peer-review by two individual reviewers who are members of the international Program Committee.

Submission evaluation criteria:

  • Relevance to conference
  • Potential value and impact of research or developments
  • Originality
  • Methodological soundness
  • Style: Clarity, readability, visualizations etc.

Please use the format specified by the templates below.
Scientific papers are written in English while abstracts may be written in English or any Scandinavian language.

The InnArbeid 2018 proceedings will be published at Linköping University Electronic Press.

Frida Almqvist
Lise Amy Hansen
Elisabeth Holen-Rabbersvik
Carl Erik Moe
Ann-Elisabeth Ludvigsen
Elin Thygesen